Snygg Duschhylla

Snygg Duschhylla

6 tips för dig som vill ha en riktigt snygg duschhylla
6 tips för dig som vill ha en riktigt snygg duschhylla from

What is a “Snygg Duschhylla”?

A “Snygg Duschhylla” is a Swedish term for a sleek and stylish shower shelf. It is a bathroom accessory designed to keep your shower essentials organized and within reach while enhancing the overall look of your bathroom. “Snygg Duschhylla” translates to “stylish shower shelf” in English.

Step by Step Guide for Current Trends on “Snygg Duschhylla”

Step 1: Choose the Right Material

When it comes to “Snygg Duschhylla,” you have a wide range of materials to choose from. Glass, metal, and plastic are some common materials used in the making of shower shelves. Glass shelves are a popular choice for their elegant look, while metal shelves are known for their durability. If you are looking for a lightweight and affordable option, plastic shelves are a great choice.

Step 2: Pick the Right Size and Shape

The size and shape of your “Snygg Duschhylla” should depend on the size of your shower and the number of items you want to store. A larger shower may require a bigger shelf or multiple shelves, while a smaller shower may require a compact shelf. The shape of the shelf can also be customized to fit the design of your bathroom. Rectangular and triangular shapes are common, but you can also find shelves in unique shapes like circles and hexagons.

Step 3: Install Your “Snygg Duschhylla”

Installation of your “Snygg Duschhylla” will depend on the type of shelf you select. Some shelves come with suction cups, while others require drilling or adhesive. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a secure installation.

Top 10 Tips and Ideas on “Snygg Duschhylla”

  1. Use your “Snygg Duschhylla” to store your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other shower essentials.
  2. Choose a “Snygg Duschhylla” with hooks to hang your washcloth or loofah.
  3. Install multiple “Snygg Duschhylla” shelves to maximize storage space.
  4. Use a glass “Snygg Duschhylla” to add a touch of elegance to your shower.
  5. Consider a corner “Snygg Duschhylla” to save space in a smaller shower.
  6. Paint or decorate your “Snygg Duschhylla” to match the color scheme of your bathroom.
  7. Install a “Snygg Duschhylla” with a built-in soap dish for added convenience.
  8. Choose a “Snygg Duschhylla” with adjustable shelves for customizable storage options.
  9. Install a “Snygg Duschhylla” with a drainage system to prevent water buildup.
  10. Select a “Snygg Duschhylla” with a rust-resistant coating for long-lasting durability.

Pros and Cons “Snygg Duschhylla”


  • Keeps shower essentials organized and within reach
  • Enhances the overall look of your bathroom
  • Comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes to fit your needs
  • Can be customized to match the design of your bathroom
  • Easy to install with a variety of mounting options


  • May require drilling or adhesive for installation
  • Some materials may be prone to rust or corrosion
  • May take up space in a smaller shower
  • May require frequent cleaning to prevent soap scum buildup
  • May not be suitable for those with limited mobility or accessibility needs

My Personal Review on “Snygg Duschhylla”

As someone who loves to keep my shower essentials organized, I can’t imagine not having a “Snygg Duschhylla” in my bathroom. I opted for a glass shelf with suction cups, and it has been a game-changer. Not only does it keep my products within reach, but it also adds a touch of elegance to my shower. The suction cups have held up well, and installation was a breeze. The only downside is that the glass requires frequent cleaning, but it’s a small price to pay for the convenience and style it provides.

Question & Answer and FAQs

Q: Can a “Snygg Duschhylla” be used in a bathtub?

A: Yes, a “Snygg Duschhylla” can be used in a bathtub as long as it is installed securely and does not obstruct the flow of water.

Q: Can I paint or decorate my “Snygg Duschhylla”?

A: Yes, you can paint or decorate your “Snygg Duschhylla” to match the color scheme of your bathroom. Just make sure to use paint or decorations that are safe for the material of your shelf.

Q: How do I clean my “Snygg Duschhylla”?

A: The best way to clean your “Snygg Duschhylla” will depend on the material. For glass shelves, use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. For metal shelves, use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. For plastic shelves, use a mild soap and water. Make sure to rinse and dry your shelf thoroughly after cleaning.

Q: Are “Snygg Duschhylla” shelves waterproof?

A: “Snygg Duschhylla” shelves are designed to withstand water exposure, but some materials may be more prone to rust or corrosion. Look for shelves with rust-resistant coatings or drainage systems to prevent water buildup.

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