Gardin Ellos

Gardin Ellos

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If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home decor, then you might want to consider “gardin ellos.” In Swedish, “gardin” means curtains, and “Ellos” is a popular online retailer that offers a wide range of home decor products. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Gardin Ellos, including the latest trends, top tips and ideas, pros and cons, personal reviews, and FAQs.

Current Trends on Gardin Ellos

Gardin Ellos has become increasingly popular due to its vast collection of curtains in various colors, designs, and materials. The latest trends in 2023 include:

  • Minimalist designs: Simple, plain-colored curtains with no patterns or prints are in high demand.
  • Natural materials: Curtains made from natural materials such as linen, cotton, and silk are popular because of their eco-friendliness.
  • Layered curtains: Layering curtains with different textures and colors is a trendy way to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.
  • Smart curtains: With the advancement of technology, smart curtains that can be controlled by your smartphone or voice commands are becoming more popular.

Top 10 Tips and Ideas on Gardin Ellos

1. Choose the right fabric: The type of fabric you choose will determine how well your curtains will hang and last. Consider the durability, texture, and color of the fabric. 2. Measure correctly: Before buying any curtains, make sure you measure your windows correctly to avoid buying curtains that are too long or too short. 3. Match your curtains with your decor: Your curtains should complement your home decor. Choose curtains that match your furniture, wall color, and overall style. 4. Layer curtains: Layering curtains can add depth and texture to your room. Consider using sheer curtains with heavier curtains for a chic look. 5. Consider blackout curtains: If you want to block out light and noise, consider buying blackout curtains. They are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and home theaters. 6. Choose the right curtain rod: Your curtain rod should be sturdy enough to hold your curtains without sagging. Consider the material, length, and style of the rod. 7. Hang curtains high: Hanging curtains high will make your room look taller and more spacious. Always hang your curtains at least 4-6 inches above the window frame. 8. Create a focal point: Use curtains to create a focal point in your room. Choose curtains with bold colors, patterns, or prints to draw attention to your windows. 9. Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors and patterns. Use your creativity to create a unique and personalized look. 10. DIY your curtains: If you are on a budget, consider making your own curtains. There are plenty of tutorials and DIY ideas online that can help you create beautiful curtains for a fraction of the cost.

Pros and Cons of Gardin Ellos


  • Wide range of curtains to choose from
  • Competitive prices
  • High-quality materials
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Easy and hassle-free returns


  • Limited physical stores
  • Delivery fees may apply
  • Some products may be out of stock
  • Customer service can be slow at times

Personal Review on Gardin Ellos

I recently bought curtains from Gardin Ellos, and I must say I am very impressed with the quality and variety of curtains they offer. The website is easy to navigate, and the prices are very competitive. The curtains were delivered within a few days, and they look stunning in my living room. The only downside is that I had to pay for delivery, but it was worth it. Overall, I highly recommend Gardin Ellos for anyone looking to buy curtains online.


Q: Can I return my curtains if I don’t like them? A: Yes, Gardin Ellos offers an easy and hassle-free return policy. You can return your curtains within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Q: Do I have to pay for delivery? A: Delivery fees may apply depending on your location and the size of your order. However, Gardin Ellos offers free delivery on orders over a certain amount. Q: How do I measure my windows for curtains? A: Measure the width and length of your window frame and add a few extra inches to the length for the hem and the top for the rod pocket or tabs. Q: Can I wash my curtains? A: Yes, most curtains are machine washable, but always check the care label before washing. Some curtains may require dry cleaning or hand washing.

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